My Journey

"Where there is a will, there is a way".

I grew up in a northern mill town in England, the eldest child in a single parent family.  My personal mantra has always been “where there is a will, there is a way”.  And with the support of a mother who believed we can educate ourselves out of our current environment, I chose to go way beyond the limitations of the culture I was born into. 

When I was 26 years old, with two small children, I decided to take the plunge and become self-employed; at a time when the country was in a deep recession. 

For many years I ran my own transformation consultancy business working on multi million pound organisational culture change programmes for the Financial Services sector and FTSE 100 companies.

In 2004 I added coaching and mentoring to my skills and qualifications; later followed by NLP.  All really useful skillset in my transformation consultancy!

In 2014, I hit burnout with an illness that left me totally incapacitated and unable to work.  My successful transformation business closed down the same day.  And, I had no plan b.

Over my subsequent years of recovery, I joined a personal development group that consisted mainly of female entrepreneurs.  As a specialist behavioural coach, I  started to notice patterns in the attendees behaviours which were inconsistent with their words. 

This led me to create my transformation frameworks Minerva Manifesto™, Activate the Goddess Within™ and My Goddess Style Expression™ teaching women to rip up the hidden rule book of life and create a life they absolutely love.

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My Projects

Goddess Style & Design

It all begins with an idea. Maybe you want to uncover the real you.  
Life isn’t really about the destination, it’s about the journey. After all, who wants to end up at the end of their life full of regrets? In this process, you’ll undertake your Bon Voyage and explore, from the perspective of the Goddess Energy Archetypes I created, which class you are travelling in life. 

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The Way of Goddess™

Supporting Women to Create a Life they Absolutely Love!
Activate the Goddess Within™ is a unique approach that teaches women to live in their full power and potential.They share ground-breaking techniques and proven structures with women to allow them to not only recognise their own potential but to use their own innate wisdom and power in such a way that the only thing that can happen is that they create a life they love.

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Published Author

Sharing how women can rip up the hidden rule book of life, enabling them to step into their power and access so many more possibilities for themselves.

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